Where to Find Nutritional Foods

copyright Karen UlvestadNutritional foods are the cornerstone of good health. Often, the local grocery store contains so many options, how does one find nutritional food?

I suggest trying the local Farmer’s Market.

The Farmer’s Market offers opportunities for local farmers and fishermen to sell their produce, eggs, meat, cheese, and other food to the public. It’s a great way to learn about what is in the food we eat, and ask questions about the individual farm’s practices.

I shop at the Edmonds Farmer’s Market, and save money on my groceries. The produce I purchase is fresh from the farm, and often picked the morning of the market. It’s fresher than the grocery store, and lasts longer in the refrigerator. It allows me the opportunity to ask about pesticides or other chemicals used on the crops, and know “my” farmer.

Also, fresh produce contains more vitamins and minerals, than older fruits and vegetables.

As for the grocery store, shop around the outside and avoid the aisles. Try to select organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, wild fish, organic dairy products, and avoid processed foods. Once it is in a can or other container (including the frozen aisle), it becomes a food product, and may contain ingredients that are harmful to the body. Eating “clean” focuses on non-processed foods, that contain their original nutrients.

Just a note. . .GMO produce (vegetables and fruit) are engineered to produce pesticides inside, and be sprayed with more pesticides. A pesticide affects the nervous system of the insects that eat the plants. If we eat produce that is steeped with pesticides, we are ingesting these nerve agents into our own bodies. Recent science suggests that these pesticide do not rinse off the produce, and can cause health issues. 

To Living a Healthy Lifestyle. . .