All or Nothing?


Often, we approach changing with absolutes. There is nothing in the world that is truly black and white, except in the world of art.

Do you want to change? Lose weight? Eat better? Get in shape? Something else. . .

Extra weight seems to be one of the biggest changes most people wish to make in their lives. The hardest part is the time and effort it takes to lose the weight. At some point, it may even seem like a futile undertaking.

The biggest question to ask is how long did it take to gain all this extra weight?

The next question needs to be what am I willing to do to lose the extra weight?

The thing to remember is that the extra weight is fat stores. Fat stores are unused calories that were consumed, not burned through activity, and turned into storage as fat to be used another day. Each pound of fat contains 3500 calories of fuel for the body to burn through activities.

So, weight loss is a total lifestyle change. It requires good nutrition, proper amount of caloric intake, physical activity (walking, fitness program, gardening, etc.), and belief.

Are you ready to commit to your health and well being?

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Eating Healthy on the Go

copyright Karen UlvestadOur lives are lived at a fast pace, and destinations are dictated by time. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of buying food on the go, and it becomes “the quicker the better”. Often, these fast food choices lead to excessive weight gain, contribute to health issues, and lack the nutrition our bodies’ need.

So, how do we avoid the pit-fall of a fast food restaurant? Especially with hungry children in the car. . .

The biggest thing is to bring healthy snacks, such as organic string cheese, fruit, or vegetables. For quick and easy, I choose organic granola bars or breakfast bars. These ideas work for children or adults.

The reason I mention organic foods is simply they are not treated with toxic chemicals, retain more nutrients, and taste better. It’s also the best way to avoid GMO food products.