Changes in the Closet!


Benefits of Losing Weight. . .

  1. More closet space
    The clothing worn at smaller sizes use less fabric, thus taking up less closet space. The plus side is that you could own more clothing in the same space, or you could gain space for other things.
  2. Less food stored
    It takes fewer calories to maintain a healthy diet and weight. This equates to more space for healthy food, or gaining area for storing kitchen gadgets.
  3. Less Illness
    A healthy body is less likely to become ill. The body’s ability to protect itself from infection it stronger.
  4. Saving money
    Smaller clothing sizes cost less money than larger sizes. Less trips to the doctor for illness cuts down on medical expenses.
  5. Feeling better
    Less weight equals less pressure placed on joints and muscles. Less pain allows us to feel better overall. It becomes more comfortable being in public places. Our attitudes seem to improve with successful weight loss.

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .Think of 1 to 3 things that would be better if you lost weight. Write these things down into your list of goals to accomplish on your weight loss journey.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Wait a Minute. . .



Wait a Minute. . .what do you mean my clothing from last year will not fit me this year?

This is what happens when divesting your body of excessive weight. It means those clothes worn last year that fit will be too big this year.

What an amazing realization!

I’ve lost 30 + pounds, and all the warm clothing I wore last year will be too big. . .really too big. I’ve moved down clothing sizes!

It becomes a journey of re-discovering yourself. All those amazing “little” clothes will now fit, and look good. This little fact requires a lot of change in how you view yourself.

What to do you do?

I went window shopping. I looked at all the really cool lacy tops and jackets, slowly realizing that I could wear them without looking like I was “stuffed” into them. I could wear the smaller sizes, and “feel” comfortable.

What does it mean to be smaller in size?

Besides the health benefits, there is a huge psychological boost. It becomes easier to look in the mirror and feel good. People begin to notice you in public, and say hello. Self-esteem comes back. It’s easier to choose to feel happy.

I think the list is endless, and different for each person.

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .keep a record of the changes in yourself as the weight comes off. Take time to adjust to the changes. It makes it easier to keep the weight off, and make permanent lifestyle changes. Maybe, go window shopping, and try on clothing. . .

Wellness to All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

These Clothes are Too Little for Me!


I did a clothing closet purge this past weekend. I tried on the clothing before deciding whether to keep or give away. I kept looking at the smaller sized thinking “there’s not enough fabric in these pieces to fit me!”

I was wrong!

The smaller sizes fit. I wasn’t in need of yards of fabric to cover my body. It was an amazing revelation! If I didn’t experience it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

My last winter coat that I could barely zip was too big. It was a size Large.

The tiny little size 12 hip-hugger jeans did fit. . .but their so LITTLE!

So, out went my large and extra-large clothing! I’m not going to be that size again, so why keep the clothing?

Out with the Old and In with the New. . .new clothes, new attitude & new me!

Challenge to Those Who Accept. . .Try on All the clothing in your closet. See what fits well, almost fits, and is too big. Let go of some (or all) of the clothing that is too big. Losing weight and keeping it off means that those larger sizes will never fit you right again.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach