These Clothes are Too Little for Me!


I did a clothing closet purge this past weekend. I tried on the clothing before deciding whether to keep or give away. I kept looking at the smaller sized thinking “there’s not enough fabric in these pieces to fit me!”

I was wrong!

The smaller sizes fit. I wasn’t in need of yards of fabric to cover my body. It was an amazing revelation! If I didn’t experience it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

My last winter coat that I could barely zip was too big. It was a size Large.

The tiny little size 12 hip-hugger jeans did fit. . .but their so LITTLE!

So, out went my large and extra-large clothing! I’m not going to be that size again, so why keep the clothing?

Out with the Old and In with the New. . .new clothes, new attitude & new me!

Challenge to Those Who Accept. . .Try on All the clothing in your closet. See what fits well, almost fits, and is too big. Let go of some (or all) of the clothing that is too big. Losing weight and keeping it off means that those larger sizes will never fit you right again.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Breaking Through Preconceived Notions


Changes can be subtle or over-whelming. The only thing constant in life is change. We change from moment to moment every day. Change is a part of living, and being in the present moment.

This past weekend brought a major insight into conscious view. Everything that I’ve ever believed in, wanted to do, or make goals to accomplish was shadowed by unhealthy, negative messages from my childhood. Basically, someone else’s life view was overshadowing my ability to accomplish anything.

Their attitudes reflected in my choices, ability to complete tasks, and ultimately my health decisions.


So, does this mean that I am not responsible for my actions?


It means that I’ve finally learned whatever lesson I needed to learn to move on with my life. It’s such a relief to acknowledge and release all the negativity that I’ve been carrying around.

The results?

I dropped 1.4 pounds since acknowledging, accepting, and releasing these road blocks in my life. I feel years younger! I can smile again, and it feels like a smile.

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .Take time to look at your current lifestyle. Is it what you envisioned? If not, look and see what is blocking you from creating the lifestyle of your design. Remember to be patient, because it may take time for the information to come to the conscious level of your mind.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Remember to Play


As adults, we forget to play. I don’t mean going to the movies or eating at a restaurant. I really mean play!

When was the last time you walked on the beach, and looked at all the life surrounding you? When did you play in the water? Do you take your shoes off, and feel the sand between your toes?

These activities re-connect us with ourselves. We spend so much time being an “adult” in the modern world, we forget to honor ourselves through play.

Playing could be hiking in the mountains, tent camping in the desert, or beach combing. Each of us is unique in our definition of play. Do you remember how to play?

To Play or Not to Play. . .Tis the Question. . .

Challenge to Those Who Accept. . .Do you participate in activities that could be defined as play? If not, think about why. Decide if you want to make this change in your life. . .

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

From Athlete to Obese to Healthy


Through out my life, I’ve never felt good about myself. I was an athlete in my teenage years. I went from athlete to coach and instructor. I still didn’t feel good about myself. I pushed and kept moving forward, never realizing the power of self-talk.

Then, I changed. I realized that I was sabotaging myself in all my life endeavors. It’s taken years, but worth every moment of effort.

So. . .

Self talk seeps up from our subconscious to a quiet, constant whisper in our minds. We may or may not even hear it.

It is the thought “I can never get it right” or “How stupid of me” or “Why does this always happen to me.”

These thoughts stem from the words of others, and the repetitive nature of the repeated phrase. Mine come from childhood and my interactions with others until the 1990’s when I decided to consciously change the pattern.

These invisible words sabotage everything we do. I do mean EVERYTHING!

Struggling with weight loss? Start by looking at the conversation happening in your head. Look at the comments being made to you by others close to you in your life.

Also, look to your doctor to see if there is any physical issues affecting your ability to lose weight. Or, any medications that are affecting your weight.

Our thoughts affect everything in our lives. Thoughts are energy. Energy is fluid, and affects everything in its vicinity. Our thoughts are powerful. Change our thought patterns, and we will change our life path.

Challenge to Those Who Accept. . .Look at your self talk. Is it positive and supportive of your life goals? Is it negative and undermining your life goals? Decide if it is the way you want it to be. If not, start to make a change. . .

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Finding Self Acceptance


In the previous blog post, I wrote about changes in self image, losing weight, and the perception we are going to be noticed. This entry talks about what to do. . .

Yes, I am struggling with my self perception. So, what am I doing about it.

I forced myself to dress in appropriate sized clothing. First, I wore them around the house. Then, I wore them in public. I forced myself to put on the clothing, and go out to a “safe” public place.

Guess what? No one stared. No one noticed. I didn’t feel uncomfortable for long.

Second, I keep telling myself “it’s okay to feel this way.” It is normal to feel tension or fear with something new. Losing weight takes courage. Going out in public with clothing that fits after weight loss takes bravery.

Whether it feels scary or great, it is a big step to acknowledge and embrace all the hard work and determination it took to make these health, fitness, and wellness gains.

Third, say thank you, if some one does notice and compliment on your accomplishments.

Fourth, know that you’ve had the courage to come this far. . .so, you’ve got this!

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .Just do it!

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Being Noticed. . .


I haven’t been this weight for years! It feels good, except. . .

I can now wear smaller clothing. It feels great, except. . .

I am healthier, and notice a big difference in my energy levels. I love it, except. . .

Ever feel or say these words? I am. I am everyday right now. I look in the mirror, and I’m beginning to see that I’m smaller than before. I don’t know what to do.

My mind has this image of me 25 pounds heavier. It keeps trying to fit me into clothing a size or two too big for my current weight. I feel uncomfortable in clothing that fits.

People might see me. . .

I’ve been hiding behind the facade of extra weight. I thought people wouldn’t see me. It was a safe place to be. . .really?

Think about it. . .people don’t notice you when carrying around extra weight? One can hide behind the obesity? Really?

The question becomes. . .what is the real issue?

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .Take a Good look in the mirror. What do you see? Think about it, and decide if that is how you want to believe. We have the power to change our beliefs. . .

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of us all.”

This quote from Snow White gives an insight about societal views about female self and self awareness. This is what I grew up. I was deeply influenced by Disney movies, Barbie dolls, and family attitudes about being a girl.

Girls are exposed to many avenues that help form their ideas about self, such as movies, cartoons, toys, and family attitudes. These “things” form the foundation of our individual view regarding what it means to be an adult woman.

We carry these ideals with us, and some are detrimental to our health and well-being.

Often, we are unaware of these subconscious beliefs, and they interfere with our ability to successfully lose weight or gain fitness.

Years ago, I taught a women’s weight training class. It was eye-opening for me to hear the comments about muscles being unfeminine. First, women do not gain muscle like men, due to our differing hormonal make-up. Second, muscle is healthy, and helps keep us healthy.

Muscle burns more calories. It keeps our bones stronger. They help us walk up a flight of stairs. Even our hearts are a muscle.

So, muscles are as important for women as they are for men!

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .take time to document in a journal what makes you feel uncomfortable about weight loss and fitness. Look at what you wrote. Think about it. Where did the ideas come from? Make a conscious choice to keep or discard the thoughts.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach