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Wanting to lose weight in the New Year? This class will give you a jump-start to successful weight reduction. This no-nonsense class offers tips, techniques, and encouragement to attain your goals. Please share with others. . .Life is Good! 

BTW, I’ve lost 35 pounds in 2017, and maintained the weight loss. The hardest part of losing weight is attaining goals, then keeping the weight off. We will be addressing these issues in this class. I look forward to seeing you and your friends there. . . 

Achieving Fitness & Weight Loss Goals

Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9 am to 12 pm

How does your relationship with yourself and with food affect your fitness and weight goals? How are your habits helping or hurting you? Whether your body changes are the result of an injury or learned habits, you can learn to overcome them through small lifestyle changes and a focus on the end results. We’ll cover techniques and skills to define realistic goals and to achieve those goals, you’ll get worksheets to help with the process, and you’ll learn techniques to change your lifestyle and maintain fitness and weight loss.

Weight loss is not about counting calories! It’s about knowing when your body is really hungry and knowing when to stop eating. You’ll learn how to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat.

Instructor is a former athlete, competitive swimming coach and ACSM fitness instructor

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I am a published professional artist/photographer and writer. I received my Bachlors of Art degree from the University of Washington in English Composition. My background in Art and Photography stems from my youth, and various intensive workshops through the years.

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