Mirror Mirror on the Wall


“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of us all.”

This quote from Snow White gives an insight about societal views about female self and self awareness. This is what I grew up. I was deeply influenced by Disney movies, Barbie dolls, and family attitudes about being a girl.

Girls are exposed to many avenues that help form their ideas about self, such as movies, cartoons, toys, and family attitudes. These “things” form the foundation of our individual view regarding what it means to be an adult woman.

We carry these ideals with us, and some are detrimental to our health and well-being.

Often, we are unaware of these subconscious beliefs, and they interfere with our ability to successfully lose weight or gain fitness.

Years ago, I taught a women’s weight training class. It was eye-opening for me to hear the comments about muscles being unfeminine. First, women do not gain muscle like men, due to our differing hormonal make-up. Second, muscle is healthy, and helps keep us healthy.

Muscle burns more calories. It keeps our bones stronger. They help us walk up a flight of stairs. Even our hearts are a muscle.

So, muscles are as important for women as they are for men!

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .take time to document in a journal what makes you feel uncomfortable about weight loss and fitness. Look at what you wrote. Think about it. Where did the ideas come from? Make a conscious choice to keep or discard the thoughts.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

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