The Secret to My Weight Loss


I’ve been asked the secret to my weight loss.

I think it begins with the idea that it’s a Mind + Body + Spirit = Fitness equation.

I believe that I can and will lose the weight. There is no obstacle that will get in my way! No excuse that can stop me! No person that can wield influence over the outcome outside myself. It is a blind, unyielding belief that this is happening, and happening now!

It comes down to pure determination and extreme focus. It is the most important thing in my life right now. This is something I cannot put off until tomorrow or the next day. If I do, it will never happen.

I say thank you for all my weight loss gains, for the great food I put into my body, and simply being alive for another day. It doesn’t matter if the scale says 2 pounds heavier than the previous. It is merely an indicator to my progress, and anything less than what I started out weighing is progress!

Our body will naturally fluctuate in weight. It is natural. It will plateau at specific weights. All this means is that the body is adjusting to the weight changes. This is an important part of weight loss. It should be expected, not dreaded. I’ve reached plateaus several times in this journey. I just keep believing and saying thank you!

My family understands. They want me to be healthy and happy. They are supportive in this decision. They are even willing to change their dietary intake (types of foods). They are feeling better too.

Challenge to Those Who Accept. . .Examine your attitude towards your weight loss. decide if it suits your goals, and if you want to change them. Decide if you would like to join me on my next weight loss adventure online in July. . .

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

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I am a published professional artist/photographer and writer. I received my Bachlors of Art degree from the University of Washington in English Composition. My background in Art and Photography stems from my youth, and various intensive workshops through the years.

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