Change Self-Image


One of the biggest changes that happens when losing weight is the need to change our self-image. This is how we perceive ourselves. . .what we look like in the mirror.

Other people begin to see us differently too. It can be uncomfortable to be noticed by other people. How do we take the compliments that begin to come our way? How do we adjust our mindset to smaller sizes of clothing? Are we ready for the change?

Weight loss is so important for our health and well-being, yet there are big obstacles we face in our own thought processes that can sabotage our success.

It’s our self-talk. It’s all the comments that others make to us or we heard them saying when they thought we were not listening. It’s the looks that come our way in public or at family gatherings. It’s the unspoken “feelings” that come our way.

How do we rise above them? How do we change, and allow ourselves to thrive? How do we change, and be brave enough to continue on the path?

One thing I learned when I stopped drinking years ago is simply – when we change, everyone around us needs to change. Other people don’t necessarily like to change.

Many like us the way we are. Others will encourage us to lose weight, yet may not be willing to change their attitudes towards us. Others will embrace us for who we are, and happily accept our changes. When we lose weight, our true selves begin to show through. We cannot hide anymore.

We change. We look different. We feel different. We may act different.

What is this change worth to you?

Challenge to Those Who Accept. . .Think about why you want to lose weight. Is it more important than other people? Are you willing to lose some “friends” to gain new friendships?

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

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I am a published professional artist/photographer and writer. I received my Bachlors of Art degree from the University of Washington in English Composition. My background in Art and Photography stems from my youth, and various intensive workshops through the years.

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