Love What You Do!


Happiness happens when we decided to do the things we love to do!

Also, it helps us on our weight loss journey. When happy, we stop eating because we are unhappy or stressed. It contributes to a positive attitude. Good things start to happen, and “bumps” in the road are put into perspective.

Chase your Dreams! Dare to Dream! Why not? There is nothing more inspiring than to live the life we envision. We create our life story and narrative. Are we not worthy of becoming the best person possible?

I’ve always loved the statement “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” The rest of the statement puts Everything into perspective “and it’s All small stuff.” In many ways, this becomes my mantra when life deals me issues that seem larger than myself.

The solution is always there, and usually can be seen when we step away from the event or series of events. It’s simply a call to draw upon our ability to find creative solutions, or ask for help.

Self talk plays a huge roll in our perceptions of daily challenges. I’ve found that my new schedule is demanding, and can be overwhelming. Who in their right-mind actually runs 3 businesses, house cleans part-time for clients, and takes on a part-time job? Actually, that person is me! I find that the best calming mantra I use is simply “I’ve got this.”

“You’ve got this!”

Challenge for Those Who Accept. . .Spend a few minutes each morning and/or evening reflecting on the day or challenging event. Think about how it is affecting you, and what outcome you would want from it.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

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I am a published professional artist/photographer and writer. I received my Bachlors of Art degree from the University of Washington in English Composition. My background in Art and Photography stems from my youth, and various intensive workshops through the years.

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