Fitness is a Lifestyle. . .

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Fitness is a Lifestyle. . .just like Addiction is a Lifestyle. It takes the same amount of time to put on clean blue jeans, as it does torn ones. It comes down to our choices. Some of these choices are automatic or habits.

Fitness is a form of self-care. We are caring for our body, mental well being, and perceptions of self. We become strong, caring individuals that are able to bring our innate gifts to our families, work place, and the world.

True fitness begins in our kitchen. The saying “we are what we eat” is true. Our food is our fuel for our body, and poor quality fuel creates issues in the body. It cannot run at optimal performance, and we experience increased illness / disease.

The next part of fitness is getting up and moving. If we are out-of-shape, it may take baby steps to walk around the block or take the flight of stairs without being “winded”. This part takes determination, focus, and belief.

The last piece is finding yourself. This could be meditation, writing a journal, or simply a walk in nature. It requires finding that quiet space within, and self-acceptance. This may be the hardest part with our busy Lifestyles.

Challenge to those who accept. . .Take 15 minutes everyday to find your quiet space within. 

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

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I am a published professional artist/photographer and writer. I received my Bachlors of Art degree from the University of Washington in English Composition. My background in Art and Photography stems from my youth, and various intensive workshops through the years.

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