Goodbye Processed Sugar!


I have to admit, it is easy to become addicted to processed sugar. It is in many processed items, and we don’t see it unless we read the label. Processed sugar is an addictive food source with no nutritional value. Natural sugars come from fresh fruit, like the strawberries in the above photo.

I’ve cut about 95% of the processed sugar from my diet, and the remaining sugar is organic. It’s important to understand that the single word “sugar” on a food product is usually GMO sugar beets. This means that the sugar is from a source that is sprayed with an abundance of chemical pesticides.

The words “cane sugar” is still conventional, but there is a good possibility it is not GMO. I use organic sugar. It will say organic sugar in the list of ingredients on the label.

It can be challenging to cut out the sugar, but I did it easily. I started Shakeology, and I no longer craved the sugar. It was easy to stop my twice daily mocha, and choose healthier items to consume.

To Wellness for All. . .Karen

Fitness & Wellness Coach

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